Build Status

Tike is a toolbox for tomographic reconstruction of 3D objects from ptychography data.

The aim of Tike is to provide fast and accurate implementations of a wide variety of reconstruction algorithms, and to provide a common platform for the synchrotron research community.

Current Features (213c543)


  • Lissajous and 2D spiral trajectories

  • hexagonal and rectangular grids


  • FFT-based operator with linear position interpolation

  • single-energy

  • multiple scan positions per diffraction pattern (fly-scans)

  • multiple incoherent modes per diffraction pattern (multi-mode probes)

  • one shared (multi-modal) probe per angular view

  • conjugate-gradient descent solver

  • least-squares + gradient descent solver


  • USFFT-based operator for cubic field-of-view

  • single tilt angle

  • conjugate-gradient descent solver


  • Lanczos-based rotation and flow operators