Thank you for reading this. We’re happy that you have decided to report a bug or request a feature; your contribution will help make tike better.


Simple - Our contributors include non-computer scientists. Our code should be easy to understand in order to lower the barrier to entry and promote maintainability.

Suboptimal - Your time is precious. Save optimization for 10x improvements not 2x or 1.2x improvements.

Scalable - We need our code to scale for large data sets. Design should consider multi-node applications.

Report bugs

Please open an Issue on our GitHub project page. Be sure to include the steps that we can take to reproduce your bug. Be prepared for the bug hunting process to take multiple days. We may ask for more information. Please be sure to close the issue or let us know when the problem is resolved!

Feature requests

If you have an idea about how to improve our code, open an Issue on our GitHub project page. Discussion about and planning for the best way to implement the idea will reduce its development time.

Pull Requests

We want the tike codebase to be maintainable, simple, and lightweight. Please expect pull requests to be reviewed with the following criterion in mind:

  • Commit messages follow our guidelines.
  • Documentation and tests are present.
  • Variable names are explanatory.
  • Code comments are used to clarify algorithms.
  • Code structure is modular.
  • Use of external dependencies is minimized.
  • Code generally adheres to PEP8 style.

Commit messages

Clear commit messages help us understand what and why changes were made. They should follow the format below which we copied from the NumPy development workflow .

For example:

ENH: add functionality X to numpy.<submodule>.

The first line of the commit message starts with a capitalized acronym
(options listed below) indicating what type of commit this is. Then a blank
line, then more text if needed.  Lines shouldn't be longer than 72
characters.  If the commit is related to a ticket, indicate that with
"See #3456", "See ticket 3456", "Closes #3456" or similar.

Standard acronyms to start the commit message with are:

API: an (incompatible) API change
BENCH: changes to the benchmark suite
BLD: change related to building numpy
BUG: bug fix
DEP: deprecate something, or remove a deprecated object
DEV: development tool or utility
DOC: documentation
ENH: enhancement
MAINT: maintenance commit (refactoring, typos, etc.)
REV: revert an earlier commit
STY: style fix (whitespace, PEP8)
TST: addition or modification of tests
REL: related to releasing numpy


As part of our continuous integration tests, we lint our code using pycodestyle and pydocstyle.